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Bob Proctor’s #1 award-winning audio download program and our bestselling TaxBot eBook!

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Smartphone & Tablet Full App Access ($33.77 value)
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1-Year Subscription + 1-Year of App Back Issues ($33.77 value)
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    6 Print Issues a Year in the Mail ($47.77 value)

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    Bob Proctor's 5 Principles for Winning the Mind Game ($197.00 value)

    “Enjoy Increased Success by listening to Bob Proctor’s revolutionary audio program!”

    • Start your day in a powerful state with a lesson from the Greatest Teacher –Bob Proctor.
    • Get motivated to build your business and stay on track all day long.
    • Develop confidence to overcome fear of rejection and rise above all difficulties to find miracles that occur in everyday life.
    • Learn to make use of your positive emotions and neutralize negative emotions.
    • Become a much more positive, energized, and educated entrepreneur.

    Targeted Tax Breaks for Home-Based Business E-Book by Sandy Botkin, CPA, ESQ. and former IRS Trainer (a $9.95 value)

    “Save money on your taxes by learning all about business expense deductions!”

    1. Get the equivalent of free gas for your car (p. 8)
    2. Meals that make you money (p. 15)
    3. Double your fun with entertainment deductions (p. 19)
    4. Home office: a tax deduction goldmine (p. 23)
    5. Sample your way to success (p. 28)
    6. Give gifts at discount prices (p. 31)
    7. Hire your kids for big savings (p. 33)
    8. Turn your travel into tax-deductible expenses (p. 37)
    9. Deduct the tools of your trade (p. 42)
    10. Medical expenses are less painful with a deduction (p. 44)
    11. Be prepared for an IRS audit: the best offense and defense (p. 44)

    Millionaire by Halftime by Presley Swagerty ($15.97 value)

    “Let this former high school sports coach help you win the game of network marketing!”

    • A 7-figure earner in the profession, Presley reminds you, “We can't make a new beginning, but we can all make a new ending." 
    • The Coach not only reveals how he did it, but reminds us with real-life success stories that we can, too! If you have big dreams, the will to win, and a sincere desire to help others along your journey, then this book is just for you. The Coach hopes you will be the next “Millionaire by halftime.”

    The Greatest Networkers in the World by John Milton Fogg ($14.97 value)

    “21 self-made millionaires tell the true stories of how they did it!”

    • Let their stories inspire you and their teachings transform you.
    • Use this book as a powerful prospecting tool and credibility builder: help people understand the extraordinary potential of network marketing, and how and why it could work for them. 
    • The insights and advice in this book will encourage and help current and not-yet network marketers to aim higher, do better, and achieve more

    Rise of the Entrepreneur DVD ($9.95 value)

    “The most powerful recruiting tool in the history of network marketing!”

    • Learn how to protect yourself and your family in times of economic uncertainty
    • Show prospects how network marketing is the easiest business to get started it because of the low investment, built-in training, and win-win mentorship.
    • Inspire employees and people who lost their jobs to become home-based entrepreneurs
    • Learn how to harness the power of economic opportunity
    • Watch your favorite authors and teachers presents solutions for today’s economic problems

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